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initiative… A hard word to spell, well for me anyway- however so important on this placement.

As an assistant you have to be prepared to be told what needs to be done, and then get it done. However this isn’t the only role you have within your assistant role.

You have to remember you are a new pair of eyes, a fresh face, and an imaginative person. If you can see something which your work place would benefit from, talk about it, set it up… As long as your supervisor doesn’t say no.

This is exactly what I’ve done. Myself and the Research Assistant (Rose) have set up our very own “clinical reference and reflection group” (Basically a posh name for a group which meets weekly to talk about clinical things and topics and teach each other about them). This week I am preparing a pack on anger and anger management using resources such as self help guides to teach other people within the service about the topic, and in turn this could help a client! Positive!


Myself and Rose 🙂

You have to remember when your applying to placements to think about how you can show you have initiative! You don’t have to just be a sheep! Following the sheepdog within your placement- Show off, make yourself feel positive and feel like you are making an impact in anyway you can, and if you do this off your own back, this doesn’t only look good on you, but it looks good on the service your in- as long as its successful, and even if it’s not reflect on it, and think of the experience you have gained!!


Within this year you always need to think of the experience you are gaining, and valuable experience is everywhere, as long as you are positive!

Post Author: Rebecca Unett

Rebecca Unett. Student from Aston out on a psychology placement with the learning disability service within the nhs. I get the opportunity to work with clinical psychologists who help people with a range of different learning disabilities, specifically I work with the trauma and abuse team, and I work with the older adults team. As this is an honorary placement I'm also working at ALDI part time!