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Since I came to Japan, I haven’t really stopped typing. It began with writing emails, social media posts and messages to my friends back home. I guess part of that was to check in but I know there’s a big part of me that wasn’t entirely sure about the decision I had made at first. Keeping in contact with Home like that was kind of my trail of breadcrumbs if I needed to find my way back in a hurry.

When even a packed lunch is post-worthy, you know you've got the Social Media Bug!
When even a packed lunch is post-worthy, you know you’ve got the Social Media Bug!

It didn’t take too long for me to settle in and shed the apprehensions. After that I dug in with the work and made plenty of introductory presentations, lesson plans and posters. This being my first ever Monday-Friday/9-5 job, it was surprising just how much free rein I was given from such an early stage in the projects that I undertook. One of the interesting aspects of my role here at the university has been helping to manage the content of the corporate blog. I was able to begin my own weekly series teaching English idioms. My reasoning was that students often get taught in a very rote basic way the phrases which they ‘should’ know; but not necessarily what they want to know.

English CAN be fun... honest!
English CAN be fun… honest!

The success and popularity of this blog with the teachers got me thinking and plotting; and my colleague and I have recently been given the go-ahead (and a film crew!) to begin our weekly English video blog. My aim is to show people how you can teach and learn in so many different ways and the classroom is just one. By the same token, I recently discovered a great way for language learners (in Japan at least, feel free to research if there is something similar in your country of choice) to show off their skills in English AND to share their knowledge and passion for their home country. This website allows people to write freelance articles and submit them, they even pay you!

Of course I picked my favourite topic... but wait, there's more!
Of course I picked my favourite topic… but wait, there’s more!

Blogs like these give readers access to information in a user-friendly and fun way whilst also granting the writer an opportunity to show off what they are capable of (potentially even being rewarded too). Blogging is certainly something to which I will give a lot more of my time in the future. Having learned the real value of it, how could I not?!

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Ryan Skeet: I am an English Language placement student working in the English Teaching department at a university in Japan. I came here because I want to be a teacher when I grow up and because I have always been hugely obsessed with Japanese culture!

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