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Hola chicos y chicas !!!!

I know it has been a while but I hope everything is going well with your placement search.On this blog post I will be telling you about my new adventure.  YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH.So, I red in this article that people that like to travel a lot have this gene called wanderlust gene. I think mine has started to manifest as now I’m always travelling or planning trips. So, this time I went to Africa.



I spent 4 days in busy Marrakech and I can tell you that I would definitely go back, just for shopping. Marrakech is completely different to every place that I have been and as soon as I got there I got a cultural shock. There were donkeys on the road, people crossing the road without looking, motorcycles everywhere with the whole family on top. Different stairs, cats everywhere and people calling all sorts of things just to get your attention ( They called me Shakira, like, do I look like Shakira). I was shocked.


I never thought I would do this in my entire life but I had to teach myself how to cross the road safely (don’t laugh because is not funny). You are asking yourself, how? So I just decided to follow an elderly citizen because I presumed no one would have the courage to kill an old lady on the road (I’m just saying). Anyways, I enjoyed exploring a new space and getting to know a new culture. However, what really shocked me was to see how poor people were in their and the daily struggle of a lot of families. Children begging and fighting for food in the streets, the state of some of the houses and the contrast between the rich and poor. How is it possible that there are people building private estates next to a really poor village where 50 people share one shower?

WP_20150313_026 WP_20150313_030


On the left you can see a berber village, berber individuals are one of the poorest in Marrakesh. On the right  a private French estate which is opposite the village.


This trip made me think about what I have and how lucky I’m to be here. Not everyone can say that they had the opportunity to live in Seville for 1 year with everything paid for. If I got offered this opportunity again, I would accept it. I have learned so much about myself and I don’t think that would have happened if I decided to stay in the UK. I would advise all of you to enjoy life, don’t take for granted what you have and PLEASE take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


Now, enjoy some of my pictures

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Hi my name is Ana and I'm a third year student and I study Sociology and Social Policy. I'm currently doing my placement in Spain, where I work for an agency called Spain Internship and I'm their HR and PR Intern.

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