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Estoy enamorada!!! (I’m in love)

Hola chicos y chicas!!!


I wasn’t supposed to write about any of my adventures until the C**** (it’s a secret).However, I had to share with you my experience and the events of Friday and Saturday night (sorry to disappoint but it does not involve alcohol).  My flatmate took me to this flamenco bar, a really small and dark place (you can judge because I did the same).

la carboneria

I didn’t expect much from it, I thought they were just going to play some flamenco music over the radio, or play some videos of famous flamenco dancers, or something similar.  I was surprised when I heard a deep voice sing an emotional song. I felt every single word that came out of the singer’s mouth.  Instead of describing it, I’m going to let you listen to it.


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