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It’s not ALL about working or studying!

Yes, your primary purpose of your YA is to work or study but it’s not all about just studying or working. Your 9-5, 5 days a week might be the norm but the weekends, public holidays are for you to go out and venture! If travelling and trying new things are right up your street, then this is your time to shine. Don’t be one of those boring students who refuse to move off their bottoms ^^’

Here in Spain, I’ve had quite a few long weekends (public holidays) which has allowed me to travel to different cities in Spain – perfect! I have lived here for 7 months now and I feel very content with the things I have done, places I’ve visited, up until now.

Not long after I first moved to Spain, my roommate and I took a very spontaneous trip to Valencia. Literally, one day after work we decided to book our journey there and our accommodation…if I remember correctly, it took us just 30 minutes to get everything sorted. We went back in September so the weather was still pretty warm/hot! The food and beach were beautiful!



Segovia was a small historical town that didn’t offer a lot but the buildings and architecture there was absolutely breathtaking. We were able to have lunch just by the 2,000 year old Roman Aqueduct and enjoy the good weather.



My roommate’s family were visiting Barcelona so we decided to pop over too! It took us two and a half hours to get there by train and our train tickets cost…a lot! But it was so worth it. I was able to see so many things and try new food. This is the life you want to live! Oh and I even got to visit Camp Nou football stadium 🙂



Again, Cuenca was a very small city that really cool aspects to it. The city is known for its ‘hanging houses’ …though we only saw the one ^^’ the red bridge in the photos below was extremely high! >__< and I have a huge fear of bridges… so yes, I soldiered on with my eyes closed, gripping onto my roommate.

thumb_SAM_3208_1024 thumb_SAM_3184_1024thumb_SAM_3259_1024 thumb_SAM_3209_1024


Toledo was our most recent day trip out and it was a really nice day. The sun was out to play and it made our day that much better. All these small cities are very beautiful ~ though there isn’t much to do there at all, it’s just nice to do some walking in the peace and quiet where you can see amazing sculptured buildings left, right and center.

IMG_0571 IMG_0627IMG_0579 thumb_SAM_4141_1024

So, this is what I have been up to so far during my placement – visiting other nearby cities and trying to try new things all the time. Not only have I visited other cities, but I’ve discovered some really cool places in central Madrid too which I’ll update you guys on soon, for those of you who are looking for a placement in Madrid 🙂

Spain has so much to offer so I would definitely recommend doing  your year abroad here! ~



Feria de Abril

Hola chicos y chicas 🙂

How are you? Preparing for exams? Writing essays? I know it’s hard and boring, but it’s worth it. If you have secured a placement, congratulations. If you are still looking for one, don’t get stressed ( remember what I told you about your brain cells). I only secured my placement in July which means that you still have time. Focus on your exams and  assignments then you can worry about one of the best years of your life.

On this blogpost, I’m going to tell you about the Feria de Abril. One of the bests if not the best event in Seville. It usually happens 2 weeks after Semana Santa and it is the total opposite. I’m not going to write that much because I think the pictures will do all the talking.


The Feria de Abril usually starts with a procession around the city centre. Sevillians love the Feria as it is more relaxed than the Semana Santa.


They have a parade of horses to announce the start of the Feria.


The horses usually have ornaments in their face as you can see in this picture.







The city is decorated with reminders of the Feria. Cruzcampo, which is one of the main beer companies in Spain, is the main provider of the reminders.

cruzcampo.jpg 2

The inside of a bus stop.









The Feria officially starts when they switch one the lights of the entrance at midnight. The Feria is that important, that the event is even televised.








The entrance during the daytime.

The entrance during the daytime.







family in carriage

During the day you can see the carriages and you can go in one. You can also see horse riders .


They ride the horses the old-fashioned way.








They are so used to riding the horses, that they even drink whilst on a horse.














All the girls wear flamenco dresses, which can be quite expensive. For you to have an idea, some girls pay 800 euros for a dress.

flamencas 2















In the Feria they have a number of casetas. Casetas are little houses where you can get a drink or some food. They also have a DJ or a band.







private casetas

The casetas can be private or public. If they are private, you need to know one of the partners that will let you in, otherwise you have to go to a public one.








WP_20150421_029 (2)

Me and the girls in a public caseta.







plaza de toros

The Feria also represent the beginning of the Bullfights’ events.










The Feria was one of the highlights of my placement year because since I got here, I always said that I wanted to wear a flamenco dress and the Feria gave me the opportunity to do so. Now, you can see some pictures of me on my flamenco dress.



Me and the girls from the office.

Me and the girls from the office. (Celia and Lilly)

Me and my flatmate.

Me and my flatmate.









Me and Julia (One of the ladies from the office. I call her Pocahontas)

Me and Julia (One of the ladies from the office. I call her Pocahontas)

Me and Nastja (one of the interns in the office).

Me and Nastja (one of the interns in the office).

Julia (a.k.a Pocahontas) taught me how to dance the sevillana, however I will not post the video of me dancing. In this picture you notice the details of the mantocillo ( the scarf she has in her chest)

Julia (a.k.a Pocahontas) taught me how to dance the sevillana, however I will not post the video of me dancing. In this picture you can notice the details of the mantocillo  ( the scarf she has in her chest) thata the traditional girls wear.

Ladies dancing the Sevillana

Ladies dancing the Sevillana


Ladies dancing the Sevillana in a private caseta.

Ladies dancing the Sevillana in a private caseta.























The Feria finished with a firework show. To be honest I’m really sad because I really enjoyed the Feria. Everyone was so happy and relaxed and ready to have fun. If I come back to Seville ( which I will) it will be during the Feria as it is the best time to be here. If you come to do your placement in Spain, take a week off during the Feria and come to Seville.

I wanted to say thank you to all the girls for letting me post these pictures, especially to Celia for taking some of the photos.

Good Luck with your exams and assignments and I will come back next month with some placement advice.

Until then,
Hasta Luego 🙂

“Questions”. – A day in the life of an Erasmus student

Erasmus. New day, new questions. Rhetorical, of course.

What time do I have classes today?
What happened last night?
How late am I already?
How many times will I use my translator app today?
How fast will my french teachers talk?
And, will I actually understand it this time?

Completing an Erasmus in France often poses theses type of questions.

However, although there’s this idea that the Erasmus year is pure partying with a side of study, and yes, this may be true elsewhere, it seems that Sciences Po Lille doesn’t quite understand the simple needs of the average student. Maybe this got lost in translation, who knows.

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Festival chić in my first week. Working at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Sophie and my placement role at Volkswagen UK is Sales Development Executive. I have a range of projects to assist with including Mystery Shopping, Volkswagen Video and Volkswagen Voice. My role is very varied and I look forward to telling you all about it.

First things first, I thought I should tell you about my first week. I was extremely fortunate to have such an exciting introduction to the brand.

Just 3 days into my placement I had my suitcase packed and was ready to drive away from the office. My destination you may ask: Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Volkswagen can be directly translated into meaning the ‘people’s car’ and this brand sure loves it’s people. Whether this is the wide range of customers spanning numerous demographics or their staff who are handpicked to emanate the brand values of passion and trust. From Day 1 I knew this was going to be a placement to remember.

Checking into the hotel I had my revision notes at the ready (Aston taught me well), keen to learn the features and specifications of each vehicle on the stand. Having only started my placement previously that week I was rather anxious about getting to know each individual car and expressing to the Petrol Heads at Goodwood Festival of Speed that I was a knowledgeable member of the Volkswagen Team.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014


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I’ve fallen in love…


Actually…I’ve fallen deeply in love.

Before the rumours start it’s with a charity, so there’s no need for me to change my Facebook relationship status!

Going on placement can offer all sorts of opportunities and really show you how businesses work, however my placement has shown me so much more. Since joining Disney I have to come learn about many different charities but one in particular has taken my heart. The charity KIDS (http://www.kids.org.uk/) is a fantastic organisation. This charity works with children and young people who are disabled offering them  help to provide opportunities and support. However, this charity not only looks after those who need it but it remembers that having a disabled member in the family has a knock on effect. KIDS also provides support and advice for the family members, those who really need it.

It’s hard to imagine if  you’ve never encountered having a disabled family member, just how much of an impact it can create. It can be really easy to shut yourself away and struggle, but charities like KIDS encourages families to talk about their problems and see how they can be resolved so the family can be a loving unit.

I was extremely lucky to attend an event at the Houses of Parliament where KIDS held a reception. The President of the charity summarised my point of view perfectly…

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A day in the life of a placement student

My name is Ana and I’m a third year student currently doing her placement.
I study Sociology and Social policy and I’m currently in Seville, Spain doing my 12 month placement with an agency called Spain Internship. I have been in Seville for two months and I love this place.
When I say I love this place, I literally mean love, like if Seville was a person I would marry it and I’ll explain why. Seville is a small city where you don’t need transportation to go from place to place, unless you are lazy and even if you are lazy you can always get a taxi for a cheap price. The locals are lovely and always willing to help you even if they don’t understand what you are saying (they will correct you if you say something wrong in Spanish, so get used to it). Another thing I love about Seville is the food, you will never starve to death (unless you are on a diet, which is something difficult to accomplish in here) because of  TAPAS. You can find tapas everywhere and they are usually really cheap, fast and delicious. Seville is gorgeous, hot, it is easy to go to places, the locals are lovely and the food is to die for. Now, tell me how is it possible not to fall in love with this place? If, you find an explanation let me know.

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A Magical Day On Placement

Hi I’m Becca. I currently study Politics and English Language. I am currently on placement with the Walt Disney Company working in the Corporate Citizenship department. This covers volunteering, charity partnerships and much much more. Read on to find out how I spent one of my days…

My day started at 7am so that I could travel to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). The Walt Disney Company Limited EMEA (Disney)has had a long standing relationship with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH) and in 2008 pledged to donate £10 million towards the hospital’s redevelopment. Today was going to be very special. Part of my placement heavily focuses on compassion and children, and today was going to be about taking the Disney magic to GOSH, a leading Children’s hospital that helps children with complicated medical needs.  Such sick children deserve a treat, so we took along Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Rapunzel, Spiderman and Goofy! The aim was to ensure that every child who wanted have a visit, got one. And not just a visit, there were lots of hugs, kisses and high fives for everyone! (There were also some tears from nurses as they saw their patient’s faces light up as Minnie Mouse appeared!) The whole day was incredible. To see some of the sickest children in the country have their day transformed by a visit from a Disney character was… well magical. One parent commented how Spiderman helped their little boy to gain confidence to try to walk after having double surgery that week which is just incredible.

Here’s an amazing picture that summarised the day for me. It’s only once I was back in the car at 6pm after a very long day, did I appreciate just how sick some of those children were and what a difference Disney can really make.