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Placement Highlights

4 months left to go until the end of my study abroad period and I can’t help but to wish I could stay here for longer. There are so many good things about my placement.

The idea of having to live by myself for a whole year in a city that I’ve only been to with my family of course scared me. And even reading the past blogs from former exchange students didn’t make me feel any better. I barely coped with moving into my home uni, I didn’t know how I would cope with HK….but the thing is, I did. I pushed myself to meet new people and speak to new people in my classes and now, I can say that I have made a bunch of really good friends who I will definitely keep in contact with when I return home. I have made friends from all around the world from America to Japan, and from China to even UK. As we are all exchange students we are all open minded about befriending each other, and to go on outings together. We can see each other a lot in the events, through our own activities and even in classes. We have a FB group where people ask questions, from where a building is to providing details about a trip somewhere. Exchange will definitely lead to a friendly group of people!


Hiking trip with friends


Playing cards with friends

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Ring in the new year!

Happy New Year to you! What a year 2014 was; some good, a fair bit of not-so-good…

The Japanese celebrate New Year with a number of interesting traditions. It is one of the most important dates in the calendar here. One of my favourite traditions is the eating of 年越しそば and any tradition which involves eating food is going to please me!


This is a simple yet delicious recipe for Year Crossing Noodles!

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One Short Tokyo Day

My alarm wakes me up at eight am. That late because the accommodation provided by my employers (on their dime no less) is just THAT close to work! Shower, dress, quick hotplate-cooked breakfast of eggs and toaster-oven-toast and I am on my way; stopping, of course, to grab a hot coffee from the vending machine in the street en route.

Vending Machines in the street. Common sight in Tokyo!

Somewhat universally, blue means cold and red means hot. In the same machine? Mind = blown!

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