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Flashback Friday: Advice I Would Give Myself While Placement Hunting

It’s now the time for the international placement hunters to start finding overseas jobs and study opportunities popping up on Aston Futures and you’re panicking. Well, don’t start tearing your hair out yet because Ferney has more little chestnuts of tips for you all to have peak at!

Pressure is fine, stress is not!

Being a little bit nervous and panicked is good, it makes you more motivated and productive when you’re writing your CV. However, its also exam season and the last thing you need is to lose your marbles and become all crazy and chicken little on us. The sky isn’t falling, you’ve just seen your pals go to assessment centres and you haven’t even finished your cover letter yet. IT’S NORMAL! Europeans and Latinos are for sure a lot later when it comes to recruiting so just sit back, breathe and have a brew.

Your tutors are there to help you, pester them as much as you believe they pester you!

You can never have too many drafts of a CV or cover letters so just keep modifying until your tutors don’t have any more to correct. Especially if you’re a language or IBML student, having this opportunity to get every word perfect is golden!

Aston Futures isn’t your one and only

We are so lucky having such fab connections with organizations abroad thanks to our Uni! However, after combing every possible job link on Aston Futures and you’re just not feeling any of the job roles and your passion lies somewhere else, there’s a whole world of work out there that is just a click away, waiting for you! You WILL be informed about these sites but I be 99% of you haven’t even thought about checking them out. Linkedin and Glassdoor are amazing! They have every company under the sun and every almost every single one of them is looking for an intern or a trainee! So just have a wander and who knows, you may find your dream placement! And even if your desired company isn’t showing any job openings, a cheeky email to HR can’t hurt!

Even if you don’t want the job, do the interview anyway!

One thing I didn’t do enough of was mock interviews and my first skype interview was with the job I wanted more than any of the others. Well, you can imagine the 3 day long panic attack I had when I had to prep and research IN SPANISH! So even if it’s nothing to do with what you’re interested in, just apply! Maybe you get an interview which is great because with every interview, grows confidence. And especially for those having to use their second language, you can never have too much practice!

Make sure you actually have a trusted Skype source!

As I mentioned before, I had a huge panic attack before my first interview but not just because of the little prep time.. I had given them all of my skype details without having an actual computer to skype on! Luckily my flatmate donated her IPad to me and saved the day! So just do me a favour, don’t be as stupid as me.


Majority of your placement hunt will be a learning process and you will probably have a lot more to add to this list yourself. But the main advice I could give to you is to just relax and be excited for this next stage in your university career. Placement year is the best, I promise!