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How to make a wish come true!

Snow White

Landing your perfect placement can be an absolute dream. You can end up working with the perfect team, in a beautiful city and doing an exceptional job! That is exactly what happened to me, but this isn’t about my wish. I thought I would tell you how I made a little girl’s wish come to true to meet Snow White.

It was a cold Sunday morning and a very early start with a drive to the Disney Store. Once there, we waited for the family to arrive with their own special princess. This little girl was extremely ill but had been treated to a princess birthday party the day before and then today meeting Snow White!

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I’ve fallen in love…


Actually…I’ve fallen deeply in love.

Before the rumours start it’s with a charity, so there’s no need for me to change my Facebook relationship status!

Going on placement can offer all sorts of opportunities and really show you how businesses work, however my placement has shown me so much more. Since joining Disney I have to come learn about many different charities but one in particular has taken my heart. The charity KIDS (http://www.kids.org.uk/) is a fantastic organisation. This charity works with children and young people who are disabled offering them  help to provide opportunities and support. However, this charity not only looks after those who need it but it remembers that having a disabled member in the family has a knock on effect. KIDS also provides support and advice for the family members, those who really need it.

It’s hard to imagine if  you’ve never encountered having a disabled family member, just how much of an impact it can create. It can be really easy to shut yourself away and struggle, but charities like KIDS encourages families to talk about their problems and see how they can be resolved so the family can be a loving unit.

I was extremely lucky to attend an event at the Houses of Parliament where KIDS held a reception. The President of the charity summarised my point of view perfectly…

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