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The End of One Chapter is a New Beginning

Well my time in Rio is almost up…eight days until I make my way to Galeão International Airport for my 14 hour flight back to Gatwick! Of course I will be crying for at least 10 hours on that flight and perhaps the other 4 I will try and sleep, who knows, wish me luck.

When We First Arrived!

When We First Arrived!

But coming to the end of this experience has made me reflect on everything I went through, from getting accepted on to the placement, planning on to coming to Rio and most importantly being here and I am so glad that I decided to do a placement even though I was so scared of going abroad, to learn a new language and culture and to actually be put in a professional working environment that’s related to my degree but the outcome of this placement year I can happily say has been so beneficial, I am very thankful to have this opportunity given to me.
Your placement year will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life whether you are going abroad or even staying in the UK, you will grow professionally and personally as a person, I made life-long friends that I never knew existed, my eyes had opened up to different cultures from across the world as well as learning more about Neuropsychology and how to carry out my own research, safe to safe it has been a busy year no wonder it flew by so quick!

But now it’s time for me to say goodbye to Rio De Janeiro (for now of course) and make my way back to the good old West Midlands to complete the final year of my degree and eventually graduate! Even though it’s sad to bye to this home its comfort to know that I have made friends all over the world (which means more couch surfing and travelling for me) who will always be a part of my heart as well as my memories (I mean I can’t really forget about them, there are too many drunken pictures of us together on Facebook) but now I feel as if it’s time for me to move on and see what the next chapter of my life is!
For all you second year students who are now getting ready for their placements, honestly it will be one of the best years of your life, you’re going to love it! Remember even though you’re going to work or even study, make sure to have fun, go out and meet new people, don’t be afraid and enjoy yourself! And good luck guys, I know you will do great.

This is Brazil

This is Brazil

Its January so time for Exams? Oops I mean it’s time to travel (Benefits of Working Abroad)

January is when exam season is right? Time for that last minute cramming right? To remember that one little important thing, in that one lecture you were hungover in right?  Well luckily for me, January in Brazil (well in PUC anyway) is still another month of vacation! Normally for students they don’t have to come back until March (I know, come on England I think you need to reinforce this rule), anyway students come back in March due to February being the month of Carnaval, another big holiday, so the Portuguese classes for me don’t start until March.

Anyway luckily for me and Sophia (another Aston student who got accepted on the placement) our supervisor, Daniel, is away on a business trip in Italy until February, so we also don’t have to go back until then, so with all this spare time, what would be the best thing to do? That’s right, let’s go travelling! See what Brazil has got outside of Rio!

Sophia and I went to a state called Salvador which is located in the north of Brazil, and what an experience that was. It was wonderful to experience another culture which Brazil had to offer, here the culture was more African influenced and it was amazing! We got to see many beautiful things such as “Igreja Senhor Do Bonfim”, a local church where people come and tie colourful bands and make three wishes (loved the positivity in this place) and a town called Pelourinho, where Michael Jackson had shot some of his music video for “They don’t care about us”, a monument was made in his honour.  But one thing that truly made my trip, everyone was preparing for carnival! This mean’t that everywhere on almost every street people where practicing their dancing, playing the drums for their set, so almost everyday we got a free show! What more can a girl want aye!

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One of my favourite things about doing a placement abroad is that I feel you learn more then what you’re supposed to learn on your placement or what you learn for your degree, you gain a higher insight of the world which I truly believe can help you develop as a person, there are a lot of personal benefits.  For example I believe that once I return to England and update my CV, I will be able to add more than just “Did a research placement in Rio”, I developed other skills such as learning Portuguese, pushing me to enhance my Spanish skills, developed my communication and problem solving skills, which are a lot of positive things you want to develop.