With only 3 weeks left till I leave Spain, the reality is starting to hit. After having my last midterm only a few days back (Midterm at the end of the term…It makes no sense, I KNOW), it is now time to prepare for the approaching exam period. In the back of the mind, I still want to make the most out of my time in Madrid.


This is a statue is tributed to Carlos III, situated in Puerta De Sol. Carlos III was said to be an inspirational King and is also the name of my Erasmus University.

Making the most of my time means doing activities I wouldn’t do elsewhere. For example, Museums are not my ‘kinda scene’ but if a city has to offer it, why not take advantage of it, espeically when they are free for students. I visited the Prado Gallery museum with my friends Joshua Kandola, Adela Pointek, and  Sarya Wu. It is impressive and enormous but tiring at the time that you could fall asleep there (jajajajaja).  Reina Sofia Museum is a take on modern art, something different.I also have visited the  Museo Naval De Madrid with  friends Joshua Kandola and Auguso Nunez, and its interesting , but they actually do teach you a thing or two about the history of country and it makes you aware of what happened in the past that we were ignorant about.



Post Prada

In April, one of my close  and annoying  friends, Devina Mistry, came to visit me. It is something I am grateful for, and it was cool  to show a friend of mine a GREAT city which happens to be a part of me. She was amazed at the city, where the Cathedral and Palacio Real were a favorite of hers. She was amazed of how cheap tapas was (and delicious to). She also thought she could have a full portion of Churros con chocolate, when in reality I had to finish them of.


Reunited with Devina Mistry



View of Cathedral from Palacio Real

The actual lifestyle of an Erasmus student is hectic, you are always finding yourself busy because you have made so many friends, piled with tonnes of work and you want to go adventuring around the country. Erasmus was  the time to learn how to balance  life properly, so when life gets more intense, you are able to cope with the balancing and prioritization of activities.


Long awaited catch up with Cara Kennedy

13124498_1017094401702132_7173523622183315917_n (1)

Meal time with course mates , at Anqi’s family restaurant, Alba Prieto, Elisa Heredia, Deli Wang, Ivan Logrosan, Joshua Kandola, Anqi Shan.


The sad things about Erasmus are saying goodbyes. Isabella DiPhillipo, my flatmate, was returning back to The USA. Why are we posed by a RECYCLING BIN you may ask. The reason being is because our other flatemate, Alessandro Baldon, is a complete pshyco who is obsessed with recycling.  Throughout the semester, Alessandro was a hardcore recycler who drove me and Bella insane with his recycling, but this is a photo that will remain with us forever. Best of luck Bella with your future studies in Maine!


I can’t believe we did this jajaja

As I start preparing for exams, I would like to wish everyone in the same position as me (Erasmus or not) with the best of luck in their exams!! In Spain, we say Buena Suerte! Until next time..


Hasta Luego


Gagan Grewal

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