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Blue Monday is the one day a year where everyone is, well, blue. Everyone got fat over Christmas, and is now depressed they haven’t lost their weight by now. The smokers who said they would quit for new year have left the E-Cigarette behind, everyone is sad that the festive season is all over, again.

It’s difficult being an assistant in January because your supervisors are stressed because reality is back and this then impacts you. Everyone’s to-do list’s are getting longer and nothing seems to be getting ticked off.


Weirdly enough though, I’m still positive. I know this rut will be over soon enough and this is what placement is all about. there are going to be highs, like being able to go out and really help someone with a problem they are facing, and there are going to be lows, like crying in your supervisors office because the colour coded, graph covered spreadsheet you made needs to be redone because some statistician somewhere decided it should be presented in another format…but that’s another story.

So how am I staying positive? Well I’m not entirely sure but I know all experiences in life will aid me in one way or another, so this spreadsheet drama-in my final year I’ll know how to present qualitative research in a more reliable format!

I think it’s really important to reflect on your experiences now, and whilst on placement. When I was searching for placements I didn’t stop and think “Why should I write a cover letter like this?” “This will help me in the future because..” If I had of done, I feel I would of been more positive with my achievements of being one of the lucky people getting this placement rather than just being thankful I don’t need to write another cover letter…

So while searching for placements and being frustrated because your dream placement isn’t screaming you in the face just think these three things..

1. How many people will get the opportunity to do this?
2. What experiences could I gain from this opportunity?
3. How will this help me in my career and life in general?

I bet you’ll be more positive and more motivated than you think. Then when the experience is happening hopefully you’ll be positive in the rough days, and the good days!


Post Author: Rebecca Unett

Rebecca Unett. Student from Aston out on a psychology placement with the learning disability service within the nhs. I get the opportunity to work with clinical psychologists who help people with a range of different learning disabilities, specifically I work with the trauma and abuse team, and I work with the older adults team. As this is an honorary placement I'm also working at ALDI part time!