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4 months left to go until the end of my study abroad period and I can’t help but to wish I could stay here for longer. There are so many good things about my placement.

The idea of having to live by myself for a whole year in a city that I’ve only been to with my family of course scared me. And even reading the past blogs from former exchange students didn’t make me feel any better. I barely coped with moving into my home uni, I didn’t know how I would cope with HK….but the thing is, I did. I pushed myself to meet new people and speak to new people in my classes and now, I can say that I have made a bunch of really good friends who I will definitely keep in contact with when I return home. I have made friends from all around the world from America to Japan, and from China to even UK. As we are all exchange students we are all open minded about befriending each other, and to go on outings together. We can see each other a lot in the events, through our own activities and even in classes. We have a FB group where people ask questions, from where a building is to providing details about a trip somewhere. Exchange will definitely lead to a friendly group of people!

Hiking trip with friends
Playing cards with friends

I just can’t seem to get enough of bubble tea any more! It’s a lot cheaper here than it is in UK so I plan to get bubble tea each week…and I will keep trying new flavours. Food here is also cheaper than UK (unless you choose to eat non-chinese dishes then that won’t be the case). Eating midnight snacks is also common here, I really don’t know when the locals get a chance to sleep!

It’s so cheap!
Set meal with dumplings, soup and soya drink <3
FRENCH TOAST & HK STYLE MILK TEA….what I eat a lot of here

Though HK is small, there is so many places to visit. I’ve already been to Taiwan and am planning to go to Macau, Mainland and hopefully Singapore next! A lot of other exchange students have gone elsewhere in Asia, the places to go is just endless.


HK is so pretty! Wherever I look has pretty scenes…there’s so many even on campus. The weather here is so nice (well when it’s not pouring with rain or being way too hot) that it makes the city even better. It makes going out to explore more possible and even though I am a lazy person, I don’t mind going hiking here cos the landscape is just so nice.

Sai Kung
Sai Kung
View of the beach by Noah's Ark
View of the beach by Noah’s Ark
Nan Lian Park
Nan Lian Park


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