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Austria’s capital, Vienna. The city of Mozart, Klimt, Waltzing and Weiner Schnitzel. But there is so much more to this amazing place. If your not sure where to study abroad ( lets face it, Austria is not a country top of everyone’s travel itinerary) I can only show you how incredible it is to study and live here as part of placement year. So here we go, these are my top reasons to study Vienna (grab a cup of tea, cause its a long one):


As much as I like Birmingham, its not quite the worlds cultural capital, which is something Vienna is overflowing with – who else can say they live a 5 minuet walk from a palace? The architecture, numerous churches, palaces and museums means there is always something to do or see each weekend. When else do you have the opportunity to watch a ballet, see an opera or listen to the Viennese or London philharmonic in one of the oldest concert halls in the world? (for only 3 euro a ticket). If your here in February you can even waltz at a masquerade ball inside the Hofberg palace! Time to stop being a typical student and get cultured!


This is just their city hall ^



Studying abroad might not give you money, but it gives you precious time to travel. As the former head of the holy Roman empire ( see how cultured I have become) Vienna is the ideal place to explore Europe. With Budapest only a 3 hour train ride away, Krakow and Prague being only 4 hours (and only 30 euro return by bus) and Bratislava less than a hour, you can truly travel on a budget!! Its unique location makes it amazing for weekend trips as well as for skiing, hop on a 2/3 hour train and you are in the mountains ready to go! My favourite bit – Bratislava airport has some of the cheapest flights I have ever seen, fly to Rome of Greece for 20 euros (god I love eastern Europe prices.)


 A weekend in Budapest ^

 Student Life

To top it all off, Aston is partnered with a pretty great university in Vienna (WU) Vienna University of Economics & Business. The university is huge, in both number of students and campus size (did I mention its brand new and looks like a space ship?)  but this means there is a huge range of different and new modules to choose from. It also means there is a massive student culture here, of bars, pubs, clubs and cheap restaurants.  The university is very much into supporting its exchange students and there is a whole team (EBN) who organise trips, nights out etc. for the 400 or so international students. There is also free German classes and Tandem program which is great if you want to improve your language skills.


Library or Space ship? ^


In all honesty, this will be a bigger reason of where you choose to study abroad than you probably like to admit… don’t worry – I can promise it doesn’t disappoint! Being a capital city, club entry is a little bit on the pricey side (10 euro entry on weekends *gulp*) but if you go out in the week its no different to student prices in Brum. There is a whole range of clubs which are always packed with students, and the underground (on weekends)and buses (weekdays) run 24 hours; which is good – because you can expect an Erasmus party on offer every single night! Long gone will be your days of glens vodka and Tesco own brand wine – Austria is wine country and that means actual nice tasting wine for 2 euros a bottle or beer for 50 cent!

(unsurprisingly there are no photos for the drinking section)

Have I convinced you to come here yet? If you are unsure about where to study or what to do with placement year – then really give studying at WU in Vienna a second thought! It might just be the experience of a life time – It certainly has been for me. 

If you have any questions about studying at WU – feel free to email me!



Post Author: hannah

I am an IBAM student currently on a split placement. Working for 6 months in online marketing & communication in Germany & studying for 6 months in Vienna

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