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I am in the second week back after Christmas (I say back; not back to work as such as I hadn’t taken any holiday after Christmas, but back in the office. Trust me, it’s a big difference) and it feels weird.

Nearly 7 months into my placement and I’m pretty comfortable with my job role. I was so consistently busy when I started that I had to learn fast. And I learned A LOT. Strangely, the most important things I’ve learned have never been those I would have expected (more to come on this in another blog!)

However, now that onboarding graduates into IBM has become second nature it’s become hard not to get complacent. Plus, complacency nearly always equals boredom and I refuse to be bored. Thank goodness then for end of year reviews (I know, I can’t believe I’m saying this either!), but seriously a formal review process forces you to reflect on your experiences. By reflecting on them you can learn from them and then plan ahead for the future. Not only that, my manager wanted the chance to give me personal feedback from all my colleagues and let me know that my work is appreciated. Like being back at school, who can deny that they enjoy receiving a gold star to show their parents?!

So, in one sense I am pleased to be where I am now. The last year has been a huge learning curve and I’m in a much stronger position then I was 7 months ago. I have built up a network of fantastic people who have shown willing to helping me push for more. In the last 2 weeks I have been offered the chance to get on board with some inspiring new initiatives, shadow IBMers working in the areas that interest me and take on the challenge of creating my own event for young people in Birmingham. This is what it’s all about.

Therefore, whilst I might be feeling that the day-to-day administrative work no longer challenges me, I’ve decided it’s all of our own responsibilities to mould and design the job role we want to have. I will still have to do all the day-to-day work that my operations role requires, but I’m fortunate to be given a huge amount of trust and freedom and so to make 2015 another exciting year, I plan to grab that freedom with both hands and make this experience work for me! And you should to. No matter what stage of your placement journey, as Sheryl Sandberg would say, lean in.

Love, Serenna xxx

Christmas Party!
Christmas Party!
Foundation Think Together Event for IBM graduates
Foundation Think Together Event for IBM graduates
Very happy to working on London's Southbank
Very happy to working on London’s Southbank

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