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Buena noches! (Good evening! For the non-speaking Spanish readers)

As this is my first post on the Student Blog, I’d like to introduce myself a little bit before I proceed onto the more important stuff ~

My name is Tiffany (from Leicester) and I’m a third year English Language undergraduate on my placement year abroad. Some of you may know me/have heard about me from Badminton Society – last year I played the roles of Social¬†Media Marketer as well as Captain of the women’s team. I enjoy playing the piano, sports, travelling and working with children.

For those of you who have already succeeded in finding a placement – to work or study – congratulations! And for those who are still in the process of securing one, keep going. Whatever ¬†you do, do not give up! Finding a/the right placement is a scary process but don’t let that idea put you off. You may struggle at the beginning but just remember there are so many other students out there in the same position as you – all searching for the same thing.

It’s not easy, but it’ll be worth the effort and patience.

Tune in to my next post to find out what my placement involves!

Happy New Year, all


Feel free to check out my other Placement blog over on Blogspot! ^^

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Just an average BBC doing my YA in Madrid as an English Teaching Assistant! Follow my blog to get an insight of what placement is all about.