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Working up until Christmas has been hectic at UB to say the least. With the year coming to an end the Sales and Finance teams have been working hard to close down their accounts for 2014 and plan for the next year.  From a Finance perspective I was working with my manager to ensure that my Sales business partner had the help needed to successfully plan for next year investments and growth targets. I also supported my managers in terms of getting releases. Release is a term used for the money injected back into the profit and loss account that hasn’t been used, nor will be used in the remainder of the year which had previously been set aside as an amount that could have been paid out as an expense. There were targets to reach before the end of the year making this quite a stressful period for everyone.

Work aside everyone was getting into the festive spirit, teams were decorating their desks and putting up Christmas trees. There was tinsel everywhere! If that wasn’t festive enough,  an elf also went around the office handing out biscuits and treats! Christmas had come early, literally!



A Jaffa pole!!
A gigantic Jaffa pole!!

My highlight of this month had to be the work Christmas parties, there were not one but two! The Sales department held their Xmas Do at JuJu in Chelsea and my team being the Sales Finance team I got to go along too! The night was awesome, I had a great time, even though I didn’t see anyone from Made in Chelsea XD . The best thing was, that wasn’t it, I still had the main UB Xmas Party to look forward to and from what I had heard through the grapevine, it was going to be a good one.  The other interns and I were very excited and had high expectations and we were not disappointed. When we arrived to the venue in Windsor we were greeted with a beautiful marquee with a Moulin Rouge theme. Other than the great food and entertainment (including a mini casino, cabaret dancers and an aerialist) my absolute favourite part of the night was the dodgems (Yes I mean dodgems!). I felt like a kid again having numerous rounds of bumper car fun, even though it did come at the price of a bruised leg (cue horror the next morning!).






After what has been a busy (and enjoyable) few weeks I am glad it is time for some time off work and to let the festivities at home begin, and to have some time to recharge my batteries for the next year.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone ^__^


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Vardeep Sidhu: Hi there! I'm an AFM student living life back home in West London whilst on placement at United Biscuits, working as a Commercial Finance Intern.