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Okay so you’ve done the most challenging/rewarding part and secured yourself a work/study placement in GERMANY….



So now you’re like okay.. “Where am I going to live…………”


Don’t worry chilee, I’m here to help you!

In regards to accommodation, 1 bed student en-suite rooms/apartments aren’t too popular in Germany like they are in the UK (Unite, Canalside etc) and they are really expensive like the link I share with you below:

1-bed Apartments – Smartments:

SMM-WEB“Smartments” offers one bed apartments: The rent and deposit is a bit pricey, but hey if you got the money go for it!

They have apartments around Germany!

WG – Wohngemeinschaft


So usually students/interns look for WG’s. WG is the German abbreviation for Wohngemeinschaft which means “shared flat” in English(flat share between maybe 2-5 people) and it ranges from 300 euros and above.

Here is the website I used to find my flat share:  I chose Hamburg for the city and WG-Zimmer (Room in a shared flat).

Other WG links I used: (Just in Hamburg)

There are loaddddss more, these are just the ones I have experience using!


Student accommodation provider:


I believe you have to be a student in one of the universities in Hamburg to get a long term accommodation. However they do offer short term rentals to students/trainees doing internships for 6 months of less. These rooms go SO SO FAST so its best to apply early!


Different cities will also have a student accommodation provider so you could change Hamburg to the city your in i.e “Studierendenwerk Berlin/Cologne etc etc.”

Google search:

If you search “WG Hamburg/Berlin/Stuggart/Cologne/Munich etc etc” “Studenten Wohnheim” then you should also get other search engines too.


DO NOT not to send any personal details (Card details & Passport) because there are a few “frauds” on these websites.


Please feel free to message me if you have any other questions or help searching!

Peace and love x

Post Author: Sarah T. AK

Sarah Temi Akinde: 20 years young. Business and Politics Undergraduate. Interning for Euler Hermes in Hamburg, as a Group HR Controller.​

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