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Hola chicos y chicas !!!


I hope everything is going well with your exams and essays. You can do it, if you got into Uni that means you are smart; now let’s change the subject.

So, this blogpost is not about your exams or intelligence. It’s about your placement passport, a.k.a Curriculum Vitae, your CV is what differentiates you from the other candidates (apologies for the big word).

Your placement passport, should contain all the important and relevant information about you and your academic/professional life. It can also be considered your advert or sales pitch to the company that you are applying to. Therefore, it should be perfect, flawless, picture-perfect and whatever adjective you want to use to describe it.  As a result of my placement, I have seen a lot of placement passport, which puts me in a position where I can give you valuable tips. You know when I say I’m going to give you some tips, I mean I’m about to tell you some of the horrendous things I have seen (relax, I’m not talking about you, the CVs from Aston are good).

cv pharmacy


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A Day In The Life

A typical day in the life of… Me? I guess

5:00am – My body wakes up without permission 2 hours before my alarm, I AM NOT IMPRESSED. I either try to fall asleep and  if that fails I say my morning prayers so I don’t forget. Then I PREEEEE what the owls on twitter who never sleep at night have been saying or I watch some YouTube tutorials or vlogs

7:10am*vibrates vibrates* ALARM goes off. Today the snooze button got abused till 8:30am lol.

* Side note to make you all VERY jealous* I don’t have a fixed start or end time at work. I can come in when I like. Why? Because I’m just that guyyyy – I’m too cool for rules……Or how about we have a flex-time system where we clock in and clock out, and as long as we do our 7.36 contracted hours a day then we good! So I guess the earlier you get in the earlier you can get the hell up on outta there.

7:15am – bath, brush, make myself look good (if I want to), make breakfast. And voila here’s the end product after all that

After I get myself together. En route to work!

After I get myself together

8:05am – Leave for work which is a 15 minute walk. You see the red path in the picture below, that’s the lane for the cyclists and the grey pavement is for the pedestrians of course. 10 marks for the person who answers this question correctly.

Why do the silly cyclists drive on the grey AND the red path?


8:20am – arrive at work. *another side note to make you all jealous, I hope it’s working lol* We have a wonderful canteen that serves breakfast, hot lunches, salads, confectionery delights, alongside with different hot drinks and soft drinks. So if I’ve missed breakfast I’ll just grab something at work.

8:35am – Leave canteen with breakfast and a drink. Go up to the office and have a chinwag with my supervisor about our weekend and evenings. Then the day of work officially starts. But my supervisor is on holiday right now so I’m left in charge 🙂

So what do you ACTUALLY do? What’s your role?

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So they didn’t tell you?

….Tell me what?????

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post I’d just like to say two things:

  1. Guys I have been in Hamburg for 6 full months and two weeks! (Everybody blow your trumpet!! Pa na na na na na). 2015 let’ssss go!
  2. AND also let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New year, full of good health and I pray that God continues showering you down with blessings!!

Now that that’s done…. into the nitty gritty!!!!!!!

Well this post is to tell you what previous interns may/may have not told you. Because at open days/career fairs, they always seem to forget to mention the dullest and slowest part of their placement – THE BEGINNING. So because of this you start work with the highest expectations on your first day or month, Lord knows I did. I had expectations of walking into work on the first day with an atmosphere like:


“BAMMMM LET’S GET TO WORK PEOPLE!!!! *claps hands rapidly*” “Oi you, what’s the update on Americas region?!” (As you can probably tell, I watch a lot of movies)  

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The thoughts of a placement student

Hola chicos y chicas,

I hope everyone is okay and enjoying the cold British weather.

I never thought I would say this but I miss the UK and the British food and I only realised that when I went to Gibraltar two weekends ago. Gibraltar is small but gorgeous, everyone speaks English (with a British accent, OMG) and they have British food like English breakfast, fish and chips, roast dinners, you name it. Some of you might be asking yourselves where is Gibraltar and why does it remind me of the UK, well if you don’t know google it because I have to talk to you about other things (btw I’m not judging because I did not know that Gibraltar existed until I moved to Seville). Before getting to Gibraltar, me and the girls went on a road trip to Ronda and Algeciras, followed by Gibraltar and Huelva. Our road trip was memorable and dramatic and it made me think about my life and what I want to do with it.

Gibraltar collage

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you know me or you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I am so excited about Christmas this year. I’ve never felt this way about Christmas before! I’m so excited that I get to experience it here in Germany. Before the opening of the German Christmas Markets I saw loads of white and red Christmas huts being set up (unlike the ones in Birmingham sorry, not sorry!!) and I was just screaming internally. Honestly if you don’t feel festive after walking through one of these Christmas markets then I believe you are a spawn of Scrooge – it’s just so magical, carols, lights, food urgh everything!

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Hamburg’s Latest Intern


If you don’t already know, I’m an undergraduate student in the UK, studying Business and Politics. I can’t speak for all universities, but I can definitely speak for my uni in saying that doing a 1 YEAR industrial placement is COMPULSORY. Yes boo boo, you cannot graduate, babe even get into your last year without taking a placement.

IMG_8221Most of us (including myself), want to just scrap this extra year and finish in 3 years being able to take that ‘graduation selfie’ a couple months later and post it on Instagram with every hashtag in the world like:  #TeamGraduate #SeeTheRedSoles #WhyDoILookSoBuffPlease #WhyShouldntILookSoBuff #Afterthemtrampdaysinthelibraryandnotbathing #mytimetoshinebooboo #haterswatchtheredsolesonmyheels #BAMM (lol let me not even lie to you guys, THIS WILL BE ME!! Just letting you know in advance)

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The devil’s playground of placement search

Hola chicos y chicas.

How is the essay preparation going? To be honest I don’t feel sorry for you because it will all pay off (I know the feeling will be the same when I go back to Uni and you guys are on your placement, so don’t hate me).

By now, you are probably trying to find a balance between University work and looking for a placement and if you are control freaks like me you are stressing and pulling your hair because YOU HAVEN’T SECURED A PLACEMENT YET.

Let me tell you something, sit down and relax because you still have time.  If you are looking for a placement in the UK then you should have your CV and cover letter ready but if you are interested in doing your placement abroad then you have plenty of time.

Your CV and cover letter are your “friend request” to the company and you may think that they won’t look at your profile but they will.  They are always looking for faults and if they can’t find one on your CV they will definitely find it on Facebook.

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A day in the life of a placement student

My name is Ana and I’m a third year student currently doing her placement.
I study Sociology and Social policy and I’m currently in Seville, Spain doing my 12 month placement with an agency called Spain Internship. I have been in Seville for two months and I love this place.
When I say I love this place, I literally mean love, like if Seville was a person I would marry it and I’ll explain why. Seville is a small city where you don’t need transportation to go from place to place, unless you are lazy and even if you are lazy you can always get a taxi for a cheap price. The locals are lovely and always willing to help you even if they don’t understand what you are saying (they will correct you if you say something wrong in Spanish, so get used to it). Another thing I love about Seville is the food, you will never starve to death (unless you are on a diet, which is something difficult to accomplish in here) because of  TAPAS. You can find tapas everywhere and they are usually really cheap, fast and delicious. Seville is gorgeous, hot, it is easy to go to places, the locals are lovely and the food is to die for. Now, tell me how is it possible not to fall in love with this place? If, you find an explanation let me know.

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