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Trips away…stressful exams…saying goodbye to friends…and the extreme hotness of Hong Kong

This is the last month that I will be in Hong Kong. It’s actually so sad that within a few weeks time, I will be back at home. Though I do miss it, I will miss being in Hong Kong at the same time. The things I have experienced here is definitely what makes studying abroad more appealing than a work placement. How else can I have so much time to explore and to have super long lie ins??

So at the beginning of April me and my friends went to Beijing! It was so amazing and I am so glad that I got the chance to explore Mainland. Though I think I definitely would not be able to live there but it’s definitely a place to go for a holiday, with many  tourist spots. My favourite place to visit was the Summer Palace. It’s just so big and beautiful, there are so many well preserved places inside….and I can’t believe that such a place exists in such a busy and crowded city like Beijing!

As soon as we came back reality sank in, within  a week’s time we had our final exams and deadlines for our papers… was time to start working! Because of the exams we didn’t go to many places, but we continued with our food trips on the weekend, making sure to have our weekly dose of bubble tea, cheung fan and desserts.

I finished my exams by the end of the month….and even though I now have this much free time to do anything I want before I go back, most of my friends are leaving before me so now we have to make the most out of the time that we are here together before we say goodbye to each other….even though this year seemed like it would never end, it actually nearly has ended. Time has actually flown by and I actually wish I could stay here for even longer, to spend more time in Hong Kong with all of the amazing people that I have met. I feel that Hong Kong has definitely changed me, but for the better. The memories that were made here in Hong Kong will forever be remembered, and I know that I leave Hong Kong with life long and world wide friends.

Monthly Highlights!

Month Highlights

    Even though I won’t be here to celebrate graduation day with the full time students that I have made here, there is PHOTODAY. I don’t know why Aston doesn’t have this, I swear CUHK makes any occasion into something that can be celebrated. Basically the graduates of 2015 get to dress up in their gowns and take pictures with the class mates, family and friends in the separate college areas that are especially decorated for this day. Earlier this month was my college’s photoday and so I took pictures with my friends, it’s such a special day and the atmosphere is so nice. This time next year it will soon be me graduating!
    Why can’t UK love KPOP as much as HK does! I love walking around HK and seeing the decorations or listening to the store music, sometimes I manage to see Kpop celebrities or hear one of my favourite kpop songs. There’s so many Korean related shops and restaurants and dessert shops that play this kind of music, it makes me want to visit Korea even more now.
    My friend decided to give blood at the nearby Red Cross in Sha Tin. I was thinking of giving blood as well but decided not to, it’s too scary for my liking. When we went to the room to give blood, I could see the people at the back of the room, with their blood slowly being taken away from them. My friend got turned away due to low haemoglobin levels but it was an interesting trip out, and I was rewarded with a pineapple bun from my friend at the end of the trip (so the trip was definitely worth it).
    Eating more and more food, and developing more addictions! I will remember HK as the place where I can get so much to eat at such cheap prices, whenever I want. The foods I am loving right now are: pineapple bun, bubble tea (the classic milk tea ones), jia lern (炸兩), anything mango related, egg tarts/waffles and…..the 2 dish meals with rice at one of the canteens on campus. Food will always be a bit part of my memory of HK
    So it was my friend’s birthday earlier this month and so me and my other friend decided to hold a surprise birthday party for her, we invited our other friends and planned the event. It was a big success, and my friend was really touched. Even I was touched at how many people turned up. Even though I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with the people here, just being here in HK all together bonds us and it feels like we will always remember each other in some way.
    I finally got round to applying for Mainland visa!! Even though I said last semester that I would go to mainland, me and my friends decided to go in April and so I went about to get the paperwork for this. Luckily I had a friend who successfully applied and so she told me what I needed to get, and so my application was accepted the first time! Queuing up to get into the building took the longest amount of time, I arrived at 8.30am (with the building opening at 9am) and had to wait about 40 minutes until I could enter, when I got my waiting number, waiting and applying only took about 10 minutes! 4 days later and I went back to Wan Chai to pick up my visa. I managed to get a double entry visa for $540HK! Unfortunately the woman said I couldn’t get a multiple entry one with the documents that I had given her but at least now I can look forward to my trip to Beijing which is very soon!
    The harbour views in HK are just so pretty. It’s like a scene the dramas that I watch, it doesn’t feel like I am in HK at all. I also joined a learning Cantonese outside trip with CUHK where we explored more historic places in Wan Chai with other students and my friends. There are just so many places to go and see in HK! It’s so good being able to explore a new city with friends, where everything turns into good memories to look back to.
    Me and two other students at CUHK have signed up to teach English to Year 2 students. THEY ARE SO CUTEE! They are so enthusiastic over everything and they love singing along and playing games with each other. Me and the other volunteer led the session that just passed this Friday, we sang ‘Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes’ with the students and played games with our body parts. The children’s English is so good, even though it’s their second language I actually feel that they already have such a good basic understanding of English already. Each session is so fun and even though it’s such a short time (it takes one hour to get to the school and the lesson lasts 1 hour), each time I go there it feels so rewarding and I really do enjoy interacting with the children so much! I have my last session later this month and even though I haven’t been at the school for a long time I don’t want to leave. The children that I have met may not remember me but this experience will definitely be added to one of those that I will never forget when I look back on my exchange year.



My Chinese New Year In Hong Kong in Photos



Placement Highlights

4 months left to go until the end of my study abroad period and I can’t help but to wish I could stay here for longer. There are so many good things about my placement.

The idea of having to live by myself for a whole year in a city that I’ve only been to with my family of course scared me. And even reading the past blogs from former exchange students didn’t make me feel any better. I barely coped with moving into my home uni, I didn’t know how I would cope with HK….but the thing is, I did. I pushed myself to meet new people and speak to new people in my classes and now, I can say that I have made a bunch of really good friends who I will definitely keep in contact with when I return home. I have made friends from all around the world from America to Japan, and from China to even UK. As we are all exchange students we are all open minded about befriending each other, and to go on outings together. We can see each other a lot in the events, through our own activities and even in classes. We have a FB group where people ask questions, from where a building is to providing details about a trip somewhere. Exchange will definitely lead to a friendly group of people!


Hiking trip with friends


Playing cards with friends

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