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I’ve been out on placement for nearly three months now. So writing a blog about it all and trying to tell you about all the things I have been involved in… in one post, is a bit difficult. so, here is what has been going on.

I am an Honorary Assistant psychologist…

I’m working with the psychology service, within the learning disability service within the Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust, which is part of the NHS… Russian dolls or what?


Which is a great metaphor for the service I am in, it is a specialist service!
I work with trauma and abuse two days a week and older adults the other two days a week, so i get to see specialist services… within the specialist service…

So currently I am planning a trauma group which will be ran in the new year- so i’ve done alot of research into EMDR and CBT and ACT (psychological therapies which are used for trauma) and applied these ideas and principals into the group plans… with help from another assistant who is an MRES student in psychotherapy… which is really interesting. I’ve also been getting research experience… so I’ve been doing literature searches and writing research reports for the trust and my supervisor about the neurology of trauma… which will really help me for final year.

I’ve linked some info about EMDR and ACT if you click on the words… if you are interested 🙂

When i’m with the older adult team I’m involved in assessments, interventions and training for people with learning disabilities and who are getting dementia, i’m also helping run a supervision for a wider MDT- which is a group of different professionals who are interested in older adults who want to formulate about difficult cases to learn… which is really helpful for me. I’m doing lots of other things like going to meetings, making resources for clients and things going out to see clients and helping other professions help others in my eyes are most important!

I’ve also had the opportunity to go out with occupational therapy, speech and language, nurses, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, pharmacists… to get to understand what they do for the trust, and this specialist service means every client is open to more than one section of the service so can be seen by everyone or a couple because of the complexity… So it’s very versatile.

For people who are reading this thinking what the hell is a learning disability, it is a person who has a reduction in intellectual ability which affects them in everyday life and functioning. I’ve put two pictures in here just to show how different a learning disability can be and every day is different and that is why I’m loving placement.



I’ll leave you with this, don’t presume a person with learning disability are incapable, even the most severe person with a learning disability is clever in their way.


Post Author: Rebecca Unett

Rebecca Unett. Student from Aston out on a psychology placement with the learning disability service within the nhs. I get the opportunity to work with clinical psychologists who help people with a range of different learning disabilities, specifically I work with the trauma and abuse team, and I work with the older adults team. As this is an honorary placement I'm also working at ALDI part time!