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My name is Ana and I’m a third year student currently doing her placement.
I study Sociology and Social policy and I’m currently in Seville, Spain doing my 12 month placement with an agency called Spain Internship. I have been in Seville for two months and I love this place.
When I say I love this place, I literally mean love, like if Seville was a person I would marry it and I’ll explain why. Seville is a small city where you don’t need transportation to go from place to place, unless you are lazy and even if you are lazy you can always get a taxi for a cheap price. The locals are lovely and always willing to help you even if they don’t understand what you are saying (they will correct you if you say something wrong in Spanish, so get used to it). Another thing I love about Seville is the food, you will never starve to death (unless you are on a diet, which is something difficult to accomplish in here) because of  TAPAS. You can find tapas everywhere and they are usually really cheap, fast and delicious. Seville is gorgeous, hot, it is easy to go to places, the locals are lovely and the food is to die for. Now, tell me how is it possible not to fall in love with this place? If, you find an explanation let me know.

Furthermore, I cannot forget what brought me to Seville, which is my placement. Like I said earlier, I work for an agency called Spain Internship and I’m a HR and a PR Intern. What I do is get in contact with new candidates and analyse their CV, schedule interviews with them to discuss their options and offer them internship opportunities in Spain, Italy or Netherlands. I also organise events for new interns that are coming to Seville, so that they can socialise and explore the city.
At the moment (yes, because things might change), I love my placement, the people I work with and the city where I live. The best advice I can give you right now is to listen to what your Career’s tutor tells you about CVs and cover letters (because I have seen some horrendous CVs), be open for new experiences and don’t be too picky when searching for your placement.
Hasta Luego


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Hi my name is Ana and I'm a third year student and I study Sociology and Social Policy. I'm currently doing my placement in Spain, where I work for an agency called Spain Internship and I'm their HR and PR Intern.

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