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We all know one of these people ….

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1) The one who’s been offered 5 placements.

This guy has it all: calm, collected, outgoing, hard working – which is probably the reasons they have their pick of Internships (when you would die to have just one).


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2) The Stress head

You will find the stress head in its natural habitat on the 3rd floor of the library. Often found with a can of red bull and a manic look in their eyes. They have applied to at least 40 placements (and that’s just in January) and will always ask you if you have had any interviews yet or heard back from anyone (do not say yes or you will make them panic). The downside of a stress head is that they will never acknowledge their own success, even if they have had a dozen interviews.


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3) The blabber

“Having my 3rd interview this week – yay” “Got offered my 2nd placement” – is the sort of Facebook status a blabber will post. You will know everything that’s going on in their lives through social media, especially with regards to placement hunting (which you secretly compare yourself too).


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4) Mr Chill

Oh it’s the end of April and you just decided to make a C.V? What’s Aston Futures you ask? This is the sort of guy you usually avoid being teamed up with in group work – but will likely still get a first … and probably a really good placement.


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5) Experiencer

The experiencer knows what they want out of a placement year. It’s not only about a grad job; it’s about the here and now, and how much they can travel in a year (let’s be honest, they probably have the right idea). You will almost certainly find them in Australia or South America doing volunteer work or studying in some far off cool location. Everyone wants to be an Experiencer – Which is why there Instagram account looks like a lonely planet photo shoot.


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6) The Networker

This is the guy makes the most of what’s on offer –  he will more than likely be on every business society and you can be sure to find him hanging back after company presentations and passing out his C.V. His dads cousins, godfathers, brothers, uncles, hairdressers husband works for a Pepsi Co you say? – oh he knows and has already got their number.


Do you know anyone like this? Tag them in the comments.  



Post Author: hannah

I am an IBAM student currently on a split placement. Working for 6 months in online marketing & communication in Germany & studying for 6 months in Vienna

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